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This is a good time to have a mental breakdown.

"We ended before we even started."

- Six word story (via blossomfully)

"What ifs are what kills me."

- Six word story (via blossomfully)

"Tell me, was there ever an ‘us’, or only you?"

- Ten word story (via blossomfully)


"I’m jealous." She wanted to say, but instead she held her tongue.

Instead, she muttered: “Other girls look at you like they want to eat you alive.”

He laughed a little at this, convincing her it was his smile that attracted so many admirers.

“I hate it. It makes me uncomfortable how they flirt with you and act as if I’m nothing.” She almost blurted out, but for fear of being labelled insecure and clingy, she was silent.

"Say something." He told her when she’d been still for what seemed an age.

And in her head she’d been trying to formulate words to tell him how much she loved him and how scared she was that he might pack up his bags one day and leave without a second thought.

She was never the most eloquent though, and the words just wouldn’t present themselves. So today, all she could manage was a laugh and change of subject, and he was none the wiser.


- Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #20 (via blossomfully)


It’s funny how toxic our relationship became. Well, not funny ha-ha, funny in a sad, peculiar, upsetting way. 

Because it makes me feel so incredibly stupid now that I didn’t see how manipulative and selfish you had become. I always saw the good in everything you did, and no matter how much it hurt, I convinced myself it was a problem with me and not you. 

I guess I should have left a long time ago.. And now that I have, I can’t believe how much of life I’ve been missing out on.

"I was never good with goodbyes."

- But with you it’s the worst. (Six word story.)

(Source: blossomfully)


He smiled.

"You’re the kind of girl people read about in fairy tales."

I scoffed.

"I don’t want to be a princess. I don’t need saving."

He cocked his head to the side and considered me for a second. I could feel his eyes on me and I looked up to meet his gaze only to look away again. Those grey pools bore into me and I shrugged the shivers off.

"You’re not a princess." He began, "you’re the side character who nobody ever gives a second thought to. You’re the friend who takes the fall; the companion who’s always second best; the under-appreciated, forgotten character. You’re softly spoken yet always opinionated."

He sat down in front of me and lifted my chin so our eyes met. I shook my head and he paused.

"You act so strong, so on top of everything. You’re the girl who no one knows even though they think they do."

And then he kissed me and my heart flipped.

"You’re the girl authors dream of. You’re the symbol whose so understated only the select few understand. I would never demean you by comparing you to a princess."


- Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #1 (via blossomfully)

(via blossomfully)

"You know what? It doesn’t matter."

- My life in six words (via blossomfully)


I think I’m sad because I expected more from you. I’m sad because you showed me how different you were from everyone else who had disappointed me over and over again with their lies. 

I believed you when you made all those promises, not because I trust easily but because you were so convincing. Perhaps I just haven’t learnt my lesson yet.